1 Elfwood Biggest and greatest amateur fantasy art gallery in the world! A must-see!!!
1a My Gallery in Elfwood Yes, I´m a member!!
2 Epilogue Another Gallery of fantasy artists
3 Elfquest Homepage of one of the best comics in the world
4 Marathon-Mann My Dad´s Homepage
5 Internet Movie Database All movies with links and opinions
6 XtraX Also for dark shopping in Germany
7 Spiegel online What´s happening in the world
8 Ebay Internet auctions in Germany
9 Blue Mountain Greeting cards
10 Uni Erlangen Homepage of the university in Erlangen
11 Fantasy pictures Fantasy picture archive with pictures of Boris Vallejo and others
12 ImageNETion Picture archive with fantasy and pin-up pictures
13 TheOneRingNet Interesting things about The Lord of the Rings
14   La Pompadour Custom-made historical dresses
15 Teufelsküche For dark shopping in Germany
16 Fantasy-Arthouse German fantasy art page with a list of a lot of artists and very nice people ;-)

17 Elfenwelt.de German elfquest page with fan art, stories and a lot of other things
18 Bund der Drachenritter
German web ring
19 Shadowscapes
20 Elfenwelt.de
German Elfquest Homepage with Fan Art and Forum




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