Simone is a 29 year old zoologist and soon-to-be veterinarian who has
worked a lot with different kinds of canides, especially wolves.

During her work she had the possibility to watch a pack of Polar Wolves very
closely over several years. Fascinated by the animals she documented this experience with over 1000 photos and several drawings.

A selection of them is shown on this website.

If you have any questions about wolves and their behaviour, you can ask Simone under

About the wolves:

The pack originally consisted of 3 animals, the two males Amaruk and Semjon and the female Angara. Later the two cubs Fenris and Timmain joined them. 
The wolves were kept in the Wildpark Johannismühle in Brandenburg, Germany

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If you are interested in prints of one of these photographs, please
email to Simone for a list of prices. She has also more photographs available!!

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